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1-Synthesis of fluorinated materials

- Synthesis in fluorinated atmosphere
HF(g), aqueous HF
Solid fluorinated reagents (TbF4, XeF2, …)
Under UF6 atmosphere

- Functionalization using fluorine
Surface treatment of commercial polymers and carbonaceous nanomaterials
Functionalization of commercial polymers
Synthesis of fluorinated graphene and fluorinated nanofillers
Electrochemical exfoliation of graphite fluorides

Syntheses with solid and liquid routes :

Hydrothermal and microemulsion methods

2- Study of the structure of fluorinated materials

Crystal chemistry of fluoride
Chemistry of fluorophosphates, terbium fluorides, uranium fluorides and oxyfluorides
Syntheses and characterization of fluorides and mixed valence oxyfluorides

- Characterization of fluorinated materials

X-ray diffraction with single crystals and powders
Raman spectroscopy
Solid state nuclear magnetic resonance (19F, 13C, 1H, …) and Electron paramagnetic resonance
N2 adsorption

3- Evaluation of the applicative properties of fluorinated materials

- Evaluation of the electrochemical performances in lithium batteries (galvanostatic cycling at various temperatures, cyclic voltamperometry, EIS, in situ XRD- electrochemistry, raman-electrochemistry, ESR-electrochemistry)

- wettability (superhydrophobicity, printability, adhesion)

- Interaction with solvents, ionic liquides , polymers

- Capacities of filtration/sensibility to polluting gas -Evaluation of the tribological performances (sliding tests at temperatures in between RT and 400°C under controlled amount of humidity)

4- Chemistry of gaseous, liquid and solid uranium fluorides

- Adsorption of gaseous fluorides

- Syntheses and characterization of uranium fluorides and mixed valence oxyfluorides