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by Federico Cisnetti - 13 November 2012

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News since autumn 2011:

  • An article on the recent developments by our group on the synthesis of nitrogen-rich heterocycles by NHC-nitrene cyclization was published in Chem. Commun. [january 2017]
  • A newly funded PHC international collaborative project will allow to strengthen the collaboration between our group and Prof. B. Sarkar’s group in FU Berlin.[january 2016]
  • Kévin Fauché starts his PhD thesis. Welcome (again) in the group. [october 2015]
  • Clémentine Gibard brilliantly obtained her PhD degree after her defence which took place december 5th, 2014.
  • Michela Di Giannantonio (Erasmus student) joins the group for a 5 month training period. Welcome! [march 2013]
  • Clémentine Gibard gave a talk in a high school about her PhD project and science studies at the university. This was mentioned in the press. [february 2013]
  • Houssein Ibrahim joins the Organometallics Team. Houssein starts a post-doctoral project on antibacterial metallocarbenes. [december 2012]
  • On 5th december, Arnaud Gautier was invited in Bordeaux University, to give a lecture and to participate in a Ph.D examining commitee.[december 2012]
  • On 20th december, Arnaud Gautier went to CEA Saclay as a member of a Ph.D commitee.[november 2012]
  • Clémentine Gibard, Federico Cisnetti and Arnaud Gautier published an article in Organometallics in the special issue Copper Organometallic Chemistry, upon editor’s invitations (see Research Subjects page). This article ranked among the most read papers of the month. [september 2012]
  • Bernard Bidon joined the group for an undergraduate training period (june-july 2012 and october-december. [june 2012]
  • Federico Cisnetti obtained funding by the Auvergne region for the Antibacterial Metallocarbenes project. [may 2012]
  • Carolina Valerio Barra and Fillipe Vieira Rocha (brazilian PhD students) joined the Organometallics group for a 5-month stay. [april 2012]
  • Silvia Díez-González (Imperial College, London) arrived in the Organometallics group as a Université Blaise Pascal invited professor for 1 month. [april 2012]
  • Arnaud Gautier, Federico Cisnetti and their collaborators from CMB Orléans published a communication in Chem. Commun. about the use of water-soluble metallocarbenes in peptide functionnalisation. (see Research Subjects page). [february 2012]
  • Arnaud Gautier and Federico Cisnetti ont published a critical review in Metallomics on anticancer metallocarbenes. It is the most read article of this journal during the month of january 2012. [february 2012]
  • Arnaud Gautier went to Strasbourg to participate in the examining comittee of Liu Xianghao, invited by Pierre Braunstein, head of the coordination chemistry lab. [october 2011]