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Publications 2017

D. Almantariotis, A. S. Pensado, H. Q. N. Gunaratine, C. Hardacre, A. A. H. Padua, J.-Y. Coxam, M. F. Costa Gomes* Influence of fluorination on the solubilities of carbon dioxide, ethane and nitrogen in 1-n-Fluoro-Alkyl-3-Methylimidazolium Bis(n-Fluoroalkylsulfonyl)amide ionic liquids. J. Phys. Chem. B, 2017, 121, 426-436.

Y. Coulier*, A. R. Lowe, A. Moreau, K. Ballerat-Busserolles, J.-Y. Coxam Liquid-liquid phase separation of amine - H2O - CO2 systems : New methods for key data. Fluid Phase Equilibria, 2017, 431, 1-7.

C. McGregor, O. Fandino, J. Cox, K. Ballerat-Busserolles, P. R. Tremaine* Standard partial molar heat capacities and volumes of aqueous N-methylpiperidine and N-methylpiperidinium chloride from 283 K to 393 K. Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics, 2017, 113, 377-387.

A. Lach*, K. Ballerat-Busserolles, L. Andre, M. Simond, A. Lassin, P. Cezac, J-C. Neyt, J-P. Serin Experimental data and modelling of solution density and heat capacity in the Na-K-Ca-Mg-Cl-H2O system up to 353.15 K and 5 mol·kg-1 ionic strength. Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data, 2017, 62, 3561–3576.

Publications 2016

  • chapitres de livre :

Karine Ballerat-Busserolles, Alexander R. Lowe, Yohann Coulier, and J-Y. Coxam
Chapter 3 : Thermodynamic Approach of CO2 Capture, Combination of Experimental Study and Modeling,pp 29-37, Acid Gas Extraction for Disposal and Related Topics, Ying Wu, John J. Carroll, Weiyao Zhu ed., Wiley Scrivener Publishing, ISBN : 978-1-118-93861-4

Karine Ballerat-Busserolles, Alexander R. Lowe, Yohann Coulier, and J-Y. Coxam
Chapter 6 : Calorimetry in Aqueous Solutions of Demixing Amines for Processes in CO2 Capture, , pp 29-37, Acid Gas Extraction for Disposal and Related Topics, Ying Wu, John J. Carroll, Weiyao Zhu ed., Wiley Scrivener Publishing, ISBN : 978-1-118-93861-4

  • Revues Internationales avec comité de lecture

Yohann Coulier, Alexander lowe, P. Tremaine, J-Y. Coxam, K. Ballerat-Busserolles
Absorption of CO2 in aqueous solutions of 2-methylpiperidine : heats of solution and modeling, International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 2016, 47, 322-329.

Xiangqian Meng, Karine Ballerat-Busserolles, Pascale Husson, Jean-Michel Andanson
Impact of Water on the Melting Temperature of Urea + Choline Chloride Deep Eutectic Solvent, New Journal of Chemistry, ASAP, 2016, 40, 4492-4499.

Hugues Arcis, Yohann Coulier, Jean-Yves Coxam
Thermodynamic and Experimental Study of the Energetic Cost Involved in the Capture of Carbon Dioxide by Aqueous Mixtures of Commonly Used Primary and Tertiary Amines Environmental Science and Technologies, Article ASAP, 2016, 50, 489-495.

Publications 2015

Yohann Coulier, Karine Ballerat-Busserolles, Javier Mesones, Alexander Lowe, Jean-Yves Coxam
Excess Molar Enthalpies and Heat Capacities of 2-Methylpiperidine–Water and N-Methylpiperidine–Water Systems of Low to Moderate Amine Compositions Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data, 2015, 60:6, 1563–1571

Zaitseva A., Laavi H., Ojala L., Coxam J-Y., Ballerat-Busserolles K., Pokki J-P., Alopaeus V.
Isothermal and Isobaric Vapor–Liquid Equilibrium and Excess Molar Enthalpy of the Binary Mixtures of 2-Methoxy-2-methylpropane+ 2-Methyl-2-butanol or+ 2-Butanol. Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data, 2015, 60:9, 2655-2664

Publications 2014

J Corvisier, E El Ahmar, C Coquelet, J Sterpenich, R Privat, J-N Jaubert, K Ballerat-Busserolles, J-Y Coxam, P Cézac, F Contamine, J-P Serin, V Lachet, B Creton, M Parmentier, P Blanc, L André, L De Lary, EC Gaucher imulations of the Impact of Co-injected Gases on CO 2 Storage, the SIGARRR Project : First Results on Water-gas Interactions Modeling Energy Procedia, 63, 3160-3171

Ballerat-Busserolles, K. ; Simond, M.R. ; Coulier, Y. ; Coxam J-Y. Protonation of alkanolamines and cyclic amines in water at temperatures from 293.15 to 373.15 K. PURE AND APPLIED CHEMISTRY, 86:2 , 233-243, 2014.

M. R. Simond, K. Ballerat-Busserolles, J-Y. Coxam, and A.A. H. Padua. Interactions of Alkanolamines with Water : Excess Enthalpies and Hydrogen Bonding. J. Chem. Theory Comput., 2014, 10 (6), pp 2471–2478, DOI : 10.1021/ct5002158.

H. Arcis, Y. Coulier, K. Ballerat-Busserolles, L. Rodier, and J-Y Coxam. Enthalpy of Solution of CO2 in Aqueous Solutions of Primary Alkanolamines : A Comparative Study of Hindered and Nonhindered Amine-Based Solvents. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 2014, 53(27), pp 10876, DOI 10.1021/ie501589j.

Publications 2013

Chapitre de livre

J-Y. Coxam and K. Ballerat-Busserolles. CO2 Capture in Industrial Effluents.Calorimetric Studies,
in Calorimetry and Thermal Methods in Catalysis, pp 481 , A. Auroux (ed.), Springer Series in Materials Science 154, DOI : 10.1007/978-3-642-11954-5_14, © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2013.

Articles dans des revues avec comité de lecture

Diana Koschel, Jean-Yves Coxam and Vladimir Majer. Enthalpy and Solubility Data of H2S in Aqueous Salt Solutions at Conditions of Interest for Geological Sequestration. Ind.Eng.Chem.Res., (2013), 52 (40), pp 14483–14491.

Simond M. R., Ballerat-Busserolles K., Coulier Y., Coxam J.-Y.. Flow calorimetry : a technique for caracterisation of liquid-liquid and liquid-gas systems. MATEC Web of Conferences, (2013) 3 1024.

Coulier Y., Simond M. R., Ballerat-Busserolles K., Coxam J.-Y. Caractérisation des amines démixantes pour l’absorption du CO2 ». Récents Progrès en Génie des Procédés, (2013) 104.

Pourtier E., Ballerat-Busserolles K., Majer V., Šedlbauer J. Standard molar volumes and heat capacities of aqueous solutions of sodium trifluoromethanesulfonate at temperatures up to 573 K and pressures to 28 MPa. J. Chem. Thermodynamics , (2013) 57, 416-429.

Simond M. R., Ballerat-Busserolles K., Coxam J.-Y., Padua A. A. H. Etude des interactions dans les mélanges eau+alcanolamine par simulation moléculaire. Récents Progrès en Génie des Procédés, (2013) 104.