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Research topics

by Christine Mousty - 26 June 2012

LDH: From the synthesis to nanostructure - relationship between structure and morphology
- Controlling the synthesis conditions to induce a morphology
- Post-synthesis treatment for a nanostructuration
- Phenomenon of bi-intercalation: towards new multi-functional LDH materials

LDH at the interface of organic matter: hybrid / biohybrids / nanocomposites
- Functionalization / reactivity / implementation : anticorrosion, bactericide
- Charge in polymer - concept of reactive loading
- LDH / enzyme: Electrochemical biosensors and biocatalysis

LDH and reactive nanostructures for capture and as containers  
- LDH / toxic organic (pesticides, dyes, surfactants, PCB)
- Carbonization/acid leaching: composite carbon and replica
- Cementitious phases and clay minerals JPEG