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Research themes

by Sylvie Ducki - 22 March 2012

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The principal objective of CESMA is to develop new molecules having analgesic activity in collaboration with the partners of Cluster of Excellence Analgesia Partnership (

In order to achieve our goals, we have identified two approaches:

Rational approach: The therapeutic target is identified by the pharmacologists and validated by specific studies. CESMA will endeavour to design and synthesize organic molecules aimed at these targets. The objective will be to use these small organic molecules as tools in order to better understand the implications of the targeting and validate the proof of concept and will prove that the identified targets are exploitable for the development of analgesic drugs.

Traditional approach: Many traditional plants are used in the treatment of pain. The efforts of research will involve the identification of such plants and their extraction in order to isolate the active ingredients. These molecules will be subjected to pharmacological studies to elucidate their modes of action, and could result in the emergence of new therapeutic targets.