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by Karine Ballerat - 6 September

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2 Researchers, 1 Engineer, Students and Post-Doc

Researchers and Engineers

Name Position Employer
Jean-Yves Coxam* Associate Professor UCA
Laurence Rodier Assistant Professor UCA
Yohann Coulier Assistant Professor UCA
Jean-Michel Andanson Researcher CNRS
Karine Ballerat-Busserolles Research Engineer CNRS

- *Group Leader

PhD Students

Olympe Longeras PhD student UCA october 2017 - ..
Fernando Hevia de los Mozos PhD student (spain) short term stays sept-dec. 2017 et sept-dec. 2018

Students/Post-doc/visiting scientists/CDD

Yohann Coulier Researcher ANR SiModEx May 2018 - August 2018
Juzaimi, Nurhazwani Master of Science in Advanced Chemical Engineering AAP Emergence, i-Site CAP2025, Coll. Imperial College, Londres July 2018
Yiyan ZHENG Elève Ingénieur, cycle Ingénieur Civil Stage de fin d’étude, coll. ICCF-CTP-Calnesis Juillet 2018
Giovanni Ramdani Master II AAP Emergence, i-Site CAP2025 janvier - Juillet 2018
Ryan Wilkins Master’s Student of Guelph, stage ANR SiModEx 1 Mai 2018 - 27 Juillet 2018
Johan Vigier Master I ANR SiModEx Avril - Juillet 2018


Name Level Financial Support date
Yohann Coulier CDD Researcher ANR DACOOTA, ANR SiModEx apr. 2016 - ...
Alexander Lowe PhD student ANR DACOOTA oct. 2013 - ...
Barbara Liborio PhD student ANR SIGARRR feb. 2014 - ...
Elena Baboi PhD student ANR SiModEx May 2016 - ...
Clément Rico Master I ANR SiModEx, CALNESIS April - July 2016

Anciens Stagiaires/Post-Doctorants/CDD

Nom Position Financial Support Dates Actual Position
Alejandro Moreau Researcher Ademe Inv. Avenir VALORCO février 2015 - février 2016 Imperial College, London
Javier Mesones Mora Researcher Ademe Inv. Avenir VALORCO septembre 2014 - Aout 2015 URSA (resp. Quality)
Alexandre Moury Undergrad Student L1 UBP july 2014
Eva CZAJKOWSKA Undergrad Student (poland) Univ. of Gdansk july 2014
Mickael Simond Engineer, CDD CNRS nov. 2013- feb 2014 President, CALNESIS

past PhDs

Name Defence date Financial Support Actual Position
Mickael Simond 27/11/2013 MESR Engineer, CDD, ICCF
Yohann Coulier 16 december 2011 FUI ACACIA Post-Doc at University of Guelph, Guelph, ON, Canada
Dimitrios Almantariotis 27 may 2011 ADEME
Hugues Arcis 15 december 2008 MENSR Post-Doc at University of Guelph, Guelph, ON, Canada