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Publications 2018

A. LANGRY, J. CELLIER, H. HINTZE-BRUENING, F. LEROUX* In situ generation of layered single- or double-hydroxide inorganic platelets (LSH and LDH) assisted by bola amphiphiles. Dalton Transactions, 2018, 47, 3005-3013.

M. C. E. PINTO, R. M. M. SANTOS, R. G. L. GONCALVES, V. G. O. DUARTE, P. D.BORGES, F. LEROUX, V. R. L. CONSTANTINO, C. M. S. IZUMI, F. G. PINTO, J. TRONTO* Adsorption of Dicamba herbicide onto a carbon replica obtained from a layered double hydroxide. Dalton Transactions, 2018, 47, 3119-3127.

C. FORANO, F. BRUNA, C. MOUSTY, V. PREVOT* Interactions Between Biological Cells and Layered Double Hydroxides : Towards Functional Materials. Chemical record, 2018, sous presse (doi:10.1002/tcr.201700102).

G. TOTARO*, L. SISTI, A. CELLI, I. ALOISIO, D. DI GIOIA, A. A. MAREK, V. VERNEY, F. LEROUX Dual chain extension effect and antibacterial properties of biomolecules interleaved within LDH dispersed into PBS by in situ polymerization. Dalton Transactions, 2018, 47, 3155-3165.