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Publications 2018

C. JOUSSE, C. DALLE, I. CANET, M. LAGRÉE, M. TRAIKIA, B. LYAN, C. MENDES, M. SANCELME, P. AMATO, A.-M. DELORT* Metabolomic study of the response to cold shock in a strain of Pseudomonas syringae isolated from cloud water. Metabolomics, 2018, 14, 11.

N. JAEGER*, L. BESAURY, E. KROBER, A.-M. DELORT, M. GREULE, K. LENHART, T. NADALIG, S. VUILLEUMIER, P. AMATO, S. KOLB, F. BRINGEL, F. KEPPLER* Chlormethane degradation in soils : A combined microbial and two-dimensional stable isotope approach. Journal of Envionmental Quality, 2018, 47, 254-262.

N. JAEGER*, L. BESAURY, A. N. RÖHLING, F. KOCH, A.-M. DELORT, C. GASC, M. GREULE, T. NADALIG, P. PEYRET, S. VUILLEUMIER, S. KOLB, P. AMATO, F. BRINGEL, F KEPPLER* Evidence for chloromethane formation and degradation by plants. Science of the Total Environment, 2018, 634, 1278-1287.

B. EYHERAGUIBEL*, M. LEREMBOURE, M. TRAIKIA, M. SANCELME, S. BONHOMME, D. FROMAGEOT, J. LEMAIRE, J. LACOSTE, A.-M. DELORT Environmental scenarii for the degradation of oxo-polymers. Chemosphere, 2018, 198, 182-190.

M. YOUNESS, M. SANCELME, B. COMBOURIEU, P. BESSE-HOGGAN* Identification of new metabolic pathways in the enantioselective fungicide tebuconazole biodegradation by Bacillus sp. 3B6. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2018, 351, 160-168.

L. CARLES*, M. JOLY, F. BONNEMOY, M. LEREMBOURE, F. DONNADIEU, I. BATISSON, P. BESSE-HOGGAN Biodegradation and toxicity of a maize herbicide mixture : mesotrione, nicosulfuron and S-metolachlor. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2018, 354, 42-53.

V. LAURENT, E. DARII, A. AUJON, M. DEBACKER, J.-L. PETIT, V. HELAINE, T. LIPTAJ, M. BREZA, A. MARIAGE, L. NAUTON, M. TRAIKIA, M. SALANOUBAT, M. LEMAIRE, C. GUERARD-HELAINE*, V. DE BERARDINIS*Synthesis of branched-chain sugars with a DHAP-dependent aldolase : ketones are electrophile substrates of rhamnulose-1-phosphate aldolases. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition, 2018, 57, 5467-5471.

C. VERGNE-VAXELAIRE, A. MARIAGE, J.-L. PETIT, A. FOSSEY-JOUENNE, C. GUERARD-HELAINE, E. DARII, A. DEBARD, S. NEPERT, V. PELLOUIN, M. LEMAIRE, A. ZAPARUCHA, M. SALANOUBAT, V. DE BERARDINIS Characterization of a thermotolerant ROK-type mannofructokinase from Streptococcus mitis : application to the synthesis of phosphorylated sugars. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 2018, 102, 5569-5583.

S ROMDHANE, M. DEVERS-LAMRANI, F. MARTIN-LAURENT, A. BEN JRAD, D. RAVIGLIONE, M. V. SALVIA, P. BESSE-HOGGAN, F. E. DAYAN, C. BERTRAND, L. BARTHELMEBS* Evidence for photolytic and microbial degradation processes in the dissipation of leptospermone, a natural β-triketone herbicide. Environ. Sci. Pollut. Res., 2018, sous presse (doi : 10.1007/s11356-017-9728-4).

J. P. HARRISON, C. BOARDMAN, K. O’CALLAGHAN, A.-M. DELORT, J. SONG Biodegradability standards for carrier bags and plastic films in aquatic environments : a critical review. Royal Society Open Science, 2018, sous presse (doi : 10.1098/rsos.171792).