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by Karine Ballerat - 2 March 2018

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Valorisation d’huiles végétales par coupure enzymatique

- duration : 36 mois

- Coordinators :

  • for the full project : Nicolas Duguet (ICBMS, Lyon)
  • at ICCF: Laurence Hecquet
  • Company partner: Ecoat, Plate-forme de Roussillon

- Financial support:

  • Global Budget : 277 K€
  • Budget for UCA-ICCF : 135,5 K€

-  Abstract :

VALCOUPENZ aims to develop a clean and safe method of cutting functionalized vegetable oils using enzymatic transformation as a key step in order to produce "bio-sourced" synthons that can be used in many fields such as cosmetics, detergents (surfactants), polymeric materials (alkyd resins) and additives. Ultimately, this project will provide access to original biosourced molecules (biosourced synthons) that are difficult to reach (or at a prohibitive cost) from oil-based carbon resources, under mild conditions and without the use of specialized equipment. This tool could enable regional companies using these renewable resources to remain competitive with their competitors with fewer constraints in terms of safety and respect for the environment. This project is therefore part of the major scientific orientations of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region and the Axelera competitiveness cluster. This project has also been supported by a dynamic and innovative company which specializes in biosourced paints and coatings.