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Major Results and Events

by Karine Ballerat - 23 May 2016

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Here are the details of the work in ANR/NSERC SiModEx.

16-17 June 2016

- Starting Meeting, at Clermont-Ferrand; John Carroll (Director, GLE), and William Smith (Professor, U.o.G.) will be in Clermont-Ferrand at this time.

9 May 2016

- Beginning of the PhD of Elena Baboi
Subjet of the thesis : reactive Ensemble Monte Carlo Simulation for describing chemical reactions in water-amine-CO2 systems. application to CO2 capture processes

April-July 2016

- Master I, Clément RICO (co-directed with Calnesis)
subjet : Determination of the vapor pressure of alkanol-amines pure and in solution on a wide range of temperature. Development of a new experimental method based on calorimetric measurements.

January 2016

opening of the ANR/NSERC program SiModEx

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