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Professor at the University Clermont Auvergne

+33 (0)

Building Chimie 6

Roles at the ICCF/UBP

- Member of the Photochemistry Team
- Head of the « Photochemistry, Reactivity and Environment (PRE) » group
- Member of the Institute Council
- Member of the Department of Chemistry Council

Research Topics

- Photoinduced reactions in water
- Reactivity of triplet states and inorganic radicals in solution
- Quantification of inorganic radicals generation in natural aqueous media and impact on the organic matter transformation
- Impact of the sun radiation on the oxidative capacity of the cloud aqueous phase
- Assessment and improvement of oxidation processes for water decontamination


- 2012: HDR (Habilitation) University Blaise Pascal
- 2009: Associate Professor at the University Blaise Pascal
- 2008-2009: Assistant Professor at the University Blaise Pascal
- 2006-2008: Postdoc in atmospheric chemistry, IRCELYON, France
- 2002-2005: PhD in Environmental Science, “Seconda Universita di Napoli”, Italy
- 2002: Master in Environmental Science, University « Federico II », Italy

Teaching activities

General Chemistry, Spectroscopy, Environmental chemistry (photochemistry, reactivity, fate)

Publications and communications (12/2015)

52 publications (h-index 19, 824 citations, source Google Scholar), 1 book chapter, 45 communications in conferences (oral and poster), 5 invited and plenary talks

Five recent papers

- M. Passananti, F. Temussi, M. R. Iesce, G. Mailhot, M. Brigante “The impact of the hydroxyl radical photochemical sources on the rivastigmine drug transformation in mimic and natural waters” Water Research 2013, 47, 5422-5430
- M. Brigante, M. Minella, G. Mailhot, V. Maurino, C. Minero, D. Vione “Formation and reactivity of the dichloride radical (Cl2•-) in surface waters: A modelling approach” Chemosphere 2014, 95, 464-469.
- M. Passananti, F. Temussi, M. R. Iesce, L. Previtera, G. Mailhot, D. Vione, M. Brigante “Photoenhanced transformation of nicotine in aquatic environments: involvement of naturally occurring radical sources” Water Research 2014, 55, 106-114
- A. Bianco, M. Passananti, H. Perroux, G. Voyard, C. Mouchel-Vallon, N. Chaumerliac, G. Mailhot, L. Deguillaume, M. Brigante “A better understanding of hydroxyl radical photochemical sources in cloud waters collected at the puy de Dôme station : Experimental versus modelled formation rates” Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 2015, 15, 9191-9202
- Y. Wu, A. Bianco, M. Brigante, W. Dong, P. de Sainte-Claire, K. Hanna, G. Mailhot “Sulfate radical photogeneration using Fe-EDDS: Influence of critical parameters and naturally occurring scavengers” Environmental Science and Technology 2016 doi: 10.1021/acs.est.5b03316