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• Current work is focused on designing peptoid inhibitors of Protein-Protein interactions (PPI) with potent biological activities.

The synthesis and evaluation of the first “all-peptoid” SRIF (somatotropin release-inhibiting factor) analogues has been developed. This first generation of peptoids was designed to mimic the SRIF pharmacophore (Phe7-(D)Trp8- Lys9-Thr10). Cyclopeptoids have shown good affinity for the somatostatin subtype (sst) receptors sst3, sst4 and sst5 and lower potency for the sst1 and sst2 subtypes.

Synthesis And Binding Affinities For Sst Receptors Of Cyclic Peptoid SRIF-Mimetics
Caumes C., Hjelmgaard T., Roy O., Reynaud M., Servent D., Taillefumier C., Faure S.Med. Chem. Commun. 2012, 3, 1531-1535.